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10 top tips for entering PATRÓN Perfectionists 2022-2023 by last year’s winner, Harrison Kenney

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With the PATRÓN Perfectionists Program entries coming to a close on 7th October, we catch up with Harrison Kenney of Sydney’s Cantina OK!, crowned last year’s edition global winner. Here are Harrison’s advice and top tips to embark on the journey and take a lifetime opportunity to travel to Mexico and join a wonderful global community, the Familia PATRÓN.

“To everyone thinking about entering the PATRÓN Perfectionists Program, I urge you all to go for it! Not only did PATRÓN give me the ability to flex my creative muscle, it allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals around the world, who I consider to be my close friends today.

The Hacienda gave me a platform to add my voice to the wonderful world of hospitality, and in turn presented me with not only career changing but life changing opportunities. The world is now an infinitely smaller place. Get amongst it and be a part of this amazing community.

Here are my 10 tips to get involved this year!

  1. Read the brief attentively, re-read it several times to ensure you’ve understood all the criteria and the ask of the Entry Challenge, “Hometown Hero”.
  2. Inspiration is all around you, look inward and outward; use that inspiration to share an authentic story; your story. 
  3. Seek advice, ask questions, and get feedback; liaise with your local PATRÓN brand ambassador(s) – they are incredibly supportive and helpful and can give you tips to succeed, and help you navigate any challenges you might have.
  4. Be idiosyncratic; be yourself.
  5. Use the resources provided by PATRÓN to learn about the brand and think about what it means to you. This year’s Academia PATRÓN Perfectionists educational program has so much content to get inspired! You can find the online recorded modules you missed at
  6. Just because you think the odds are against you, don’t let it deter you, competitions are a unique way to flex your creative muscle.
  7. Take pride in the process whilst embracing the fun of it all.
  8. Trial and error, make your drink, make a few versions, and make it a few times.
  9. Reassess the criteria – score as many points as possible, during your allotted time.
  10. Manifest your success and share it with our wonderful bar community!”

To find out more and to submit entries, visit
Entries close at 23.59 local time on 7 October 2022.

By Harrison Kenney. Follow him @harrisonkenney

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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 48
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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 48
The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 48

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