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33 things we’ve learned about Licor 43*

ByThe Cocktail Lovers


Licor 43 has been on our radar for a little while now but nipping over to its beautiful home in sunny Alicante taught us one or two more things, well 33 things actually, about the liqueur originally known as “Mirabilis” (see No 2)…

1. When the Romans conquered the Mediterranen city of Quart Hadas in 209 BC they found many exotic liqueurs being produced, but one in particular stood out for its aroma of local herbs and plants.

2. Such was the esteem in which the original liqueur was held it was called “Mirabelis” meaning “Marvellous” or “Miracle”.

3. The original recipe was passed down through generation after generation.

4. Licor 43 was first commercially produced in the early 20th
century by Diego Zamora, his siblings Angel and Josefina, together with Josefina’s husband, in a small factory in Cartagena.

5. It is still produced by the same family today.

6. Licor 43 is made from a closely protected secret recipe which
includes spices, herbs and fruits  from all around the Mediterranean.

7 Its original Spanish name is “Cuarenta Y Tres” simply meaning “43”

No. 7 Cuarenta Y Tres, or as it is known to us, Licor 43

8. Its name comes from the fact the secret recipe is made up of, you guessed it, 43 ingredients.

9. Careful maceration, blending and resting results in Licor 43’s
distinctive golden glow.

10. On the nose it has a seductive vanilla quality.

11. Its texture is rather like that of premium honey.

12. The taste has hints of chocolate, mint and rum.

13. In 2012 Licor 43 moved to its new home – designed with an
arresting ‘barcode’ of colours signifying the essence of the liqueur, including yellow for the sun and orange for the citrus ingredients.

No 13 A “Barcode” of colours signify the Licor 43 story at its new distillery

14. As well the distillery the new venue houses much more…

15. Including a fully interactive museum complete with archive
advertising (see above) and items from the original distillery…

No 15 The office of Diago Zamora lovingly recreated in the museum

16. An immersive senses room that creates moods with music, film and aromas…

17. Beautiful landscaped gardens…

18. And a bar that offers the range of unique Licor 43 serves.

19. Licor 43 is a treat for the senses when savoured neat.

20. It’s exquisite served over a little ice.

21. Licor 43 is also very, very versatile:

22. Add ice cubes to a balloon glass, fill with three parts ginger ale and pour in two parts of Licor 43 for an easy drinking Ginger 43…

No 22 How to make a Ginger 43

23. Combine two parts of Licor 43 with a cup of espresso in a rocks glass filled with ice for a Café 43…

24. Mix one part Licor 43 with 3 parts ice-cold milk in a tall glass for a kind of grown-up milkshake called a Blanco 43…

25. Mix one part Licor 43 with 2 parts ice-cold milk and one part
passion fruit juice for a Blanco Maracuyá (trust us, it works)…

26. Combine one part Licor 43 with three parts freshly-pressed
orange juice over crushed ice and top up with one part Cava for Spanish Water (yes, we like that name too)…

27. Three quarters fill a shot glass with Licor 43 and top with cream for a Mini 43 or, as they call it in The States, a Mini Beer, because, at just 50mm tall, it looks exactly like a mini, beer…

No 27 The tiny drink with a big character, Mini 43, just 50mm tall

28. In a heavy small glass layer three parts condensed milk, three parts coffee and finally one part Licor 43 for the drink particularly loved by the Alicante locals, the Asiático 43…

29. Licor 43 also goes well with food…

30. Poured over fresh fruit…

31. Poured over ice cream…

32. Poured over fresh fruit and ice cream, together…

33. Licor 43 suits a sunny day in Alicante but makes a grey one in London feel like the aforementioned.

* Why 33 facts and not 43? Well, we loved Alicante and we love Licor 43 so we might have to head back for a little more research.

Licor 43 is available from all good drinks retailers

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