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5 good reasons to enter Patrón Perfectionists

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You’ve got until 7th June to enter this year Patrón Perfectionists cocktail competition. If you’re still wondering whether or not to go for it, here are five good reasons why we think you should take the plunge, plus a few extra pointers from this year’s winner, Yeray Monforte…

It’s for tequila lovers and newbies alike

Of course, having a real passion for tequila helps but even if you’re just discovering the versatility of this deliciously complex spirit, you can still show that you know what’s-what when it comes to putting a great tasting drink together. Besides, everyone who signs up for Patrón Perfectionists is invited to enrol at Academia Patrón, an online education portal where you’ll get a heads-up on the Patrón way of doing things, as well as getting an invaluable overview of the category itself. In other words, you can make an impression wherever you are on your tequila appreciation journey. 

Hacienda Patrón

The winner from each territory gets a money-can’t-buy, trip of a lifetime to Mexico

It shouldn’t be about the prize but let’s be honest here, who’s going to turn their noses up at the chance of a V.I.P. trip to Mexico? Have a look at the photograph above. Fab isn’t it? That said, however amazing Hacienda Patrón looks in a picture, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve experienced it for real.

Oh, and there’s the fact that if you’re one of the global finalists, you’ll get to experience every single step of the Patrón Tequila making process first hand – that goes for the cutting of the agave to the bottling of the liquid. You’ll also get to meet the people whose passion goes into every glass. Let’s just say, prepare for your mind to be well and truly blown.

Patrón Perfectionists global finalists in Mexico

You’ll also get invaluable support from the brand

Exactly what and how depends on each winner and their particular needs but think travel, guest shifts, marketing and all kinds of cool stuff to help elevate you and your bartending career.   

It’s the fifth year of the competition

Yup, five incredible years and in that relatively short time, Patrón Perfectionists has grown into quite the power house – starting with one country in the first year on to this year where it will take in contestants hailing from 30 countries and cruise liners across six continents.  Why wouldn’t you want to be part of it?

Winning Patrón Perfectionists can change your career.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what this year’s Patrón Perfectionists winner Yeray Monforte from Spain has to say:

Yeray Monforte hard at work

You’ll get international recognition
I work in a very famous bar in Barcelona but when I arrived at the Hacienda, I don’t think anyone knew anything about it. Winning Patrón Perfectionists has changed that – it’s been good for the bar, the company and of course, myself.

You’ll gain new friends (and followers)
The day after I won the competition, I had 400 new friends on Facebook and 1,000 more followers on Instagram. I’ve become only the second global finalist (after David Rios, World Class 2013 winner) of any drinks competition in Spain.

You’ll notch up mucho air miles
I’m loving the travel that’s come from winning Patrón Perfectionists. In the next few weeks I’ll be heading to London, Lisbon, the Dominican Republic, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Washington, Asia and Australia. It’s my mission to move the brand around the world and explain how the little guy from Spain, with very little English – or Spanglish as I call it – won Patrón Perfectionists.

You’ll (more than likely want to) share the tequila love
It’s not just about going to a new city, visiting two bars then doing a guest shift. Before any guest shift I always do a masterclass. For me, it’s important to explain my roots, my history, talk about the competition, the concept behind my cocktail and how I know the brand now that I’ve experienced the Hacienda.

What it feels like to win Patrón Perfectionists

Yeray’s winning tips:

The power of three
Technique, show and flavour: my competition entry was a combination of all three concepts. The theatre is a very important part of the drink, everyone could relate to it – if I’d just used a jigger to pour the Fino sherry into my drink, there wouldn’t have been a ‘show’. The same with the fan that I used as a prop to perfume my drink. Anyone can just spray the Patrón Reposado Tequila and beeswax mixture over the glass but as the fan is used a lot in my culture, using it in my presentation added a real theatrical touch.

Always draw on your country and culture for inspiration
I was inspired by my roots; my family. My mum is from Andalusia, which is represented with the sherry in the drink and I used thyme in my recipe as it’s one of the most famous herbs in Spain. It also happens to enhance the green notes of the Patrón perfectly. Then there’s the fan mentioned above… This is a nod to my culture from Valencia. Wherever you’re from it’s important to explain your ingredients and how they enhance the brand.

Another thing that’s really important is the drink should be easy to replicate around the world. All my ingredients: olive oil, thyme, honey, Fino sherry and egg white are easily available.

Be prepared to put in the work
My father always told me, 90% of success is down to hard work, the rest is talent. I knew that there might be people with better English, better techniques and better cocktails than me in the competition, so every day for two weeks I’d get to the bar three hours earlier so I could practice my speech, making any necessary tweaks. Aiming for perfection means being prepared to put in the work.

You heard what the man said. To enter Patrón Perfectionists this year, visit

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