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We have a whole heap of fantastic and extremely talented people to thank for our first anniversary issue. Here they are in alphabetical order – feel free to commission them, they are all absolutely tip-top and great fun, not to mention extremely professional, to work with:

James Cheverton, Art Direction

James is the creative force who brings our visions to life. Not only that, he does it with minimal fuss and no hissy-fits at all. We refer to him as Mr C – which perfectly captures his personality: cool, calm and incredibly creative. James has worked in the graphic design industry for over 12 years covering a broad range of clients ranging from start-ups to global brands. He opened Burnt Studio in 2009 with the simple belief that good design makes a big difference. The company’s approach to design is simple: to ensure they understand what clients want and then develop to best communicate their ideas. Contact him at

First ever cocktail:
“A classic Mojito. I remember thinking it must be the greatest drink ever invented for a HOT day, while trying to remind myself it’s full of rum.”

Rebekkah Dooley, columnist

Rebekkah Dooley

Rebekkah devised and writes the In The Hotseat column for each issue of The Cocktail Lovers Magazine. She’s the social media guru and marketing genius for Callooh Callay and Beard To Tail and we love her to bits.

She started working the industry about nine years ago as a cloakroom girl at the Carling Academy, Islington. “I was fired for underage drinking and told to return when I’d ‘grown up a little’. I never went back.”

Her passion is for working hard, finding inspiration in those around her and in being kind. “It sounds basic but it’s something people seem to forget. I believe that we set our limits, but really our potential knows no bounds.”

First cocktail:
“A pitcher of Woo Woo in O’Neills on Tottenham Court Road, but I’ve always been an avid and unashamed lager drinker.”

Sam Fish, contributor

Sam Fish

Who better than Sam Fish, general manager of Mojo in Leeds to write about the bustling bar scene in Leeds for our birthday edition? See Hot Leeds, page 52. She’s been at Mojo for five years and before that worked at Sandinista, also in Leeds for over two years.

First cocktail:
“I had my first cocktail in Gran Canaria when I was about 15 on holiday with my parents. My mum let me order a Margarita and I hated it. I couldn’t understand why you would put salt in a cocktail!”

Liam Kennedy, photographer

Liam first picked a camera as a child almost 30 years ago and hasn’t put it down since. He has worked with numerous prestigious clients including Sony, Pepsi, Halifax, Hewlett Packard and AOL. Liam captured the spirit of Gerry’s Wine & Liquor store in our Top of the Shops feature on page 24, and also the brand ambassadors in the Take one drinks company… piece on page 26. The person he would most liked to have photographed is Sir Winston Churchill, “I’d have had a great time with him.” Contact him at

First cocktail:
“A tequila sunrise in Crete – I was hooked from then on.”

Melanie Milne, graphic designer

Melanie Milne

Melanie is the amazing talent behind our fabulous London cocktails: Did you know? infographic on pages 30-31.

In her own words, she’s “a bold visual communicator blended with a barrel of ideas, a gutsy gallon of graphic design, a shot of typography, one table spoon of illustration, a sprig of artistic flair and finished with a splash (not a dash) of lively humour.” Contact Mel at

First cocktail:
“I was greatly inspired as a young lass by the Charging Elephant Martini that gave me quite a kick!”

Ben Norum, journalist

Ben Norum

Ben Norum wrote the Access all areas feature about London’s diverse drinking scene on page 17. He is a self-confessed foodie and drinkie making the most of all that London has to offer. When not enjoying a cocktail about town, he’s likely be found not too far away supping on a beer from one of the city’s microbreweries or seeking out a new restaurant. Ben rates Brixton Village and ScooterCaffe in Waterloo (complete with cats) as amongst his favourite places. Find Ben at

First cocktail:
“Bloody Marys were my first introduction to the world of cocktail drinking. I’ve since followed up by creating my own, super-spicy version made with Ghanaian chilli fermented fish paste Shito. I call it the Bloody Scary.”

Johnnie Pakington, photographer

Johnnie Pakington

Johnnie Pakington is our regular photographer and one of the nicest blokes on the planet. He’s been a thimble painter, doughnut fryer, cricket coach and for 20 years a freelance photographer in London. In that time he has taken pictures of royalty, countless celebrities, myriads of balding middle managers and the occasional moodily lit cocktail. Mainly shooting portraits for large corporates or Not-for-Profits, he now shoots the regular fashion spread for cocktaillovers which enables him to get in the bars early but sadly not drink when he is there. His website is

First cocktail:
“My first experience of cocktails were underage Pina Coladas in a local Shrewsbury pub and the most recent was a fantastic rum and home made ginger beer in a bar in Islington.”

Becky Roberts, illustrator

Becky Roberts

Becky is a recently graduated illustrator living and working in London. “As well as working as a full-time illustrator and designer for a primary education resource site I like to take on exciting freelance projects (such as the Discriminating drinker’s view of London map I created for The Cocktail Lovers, see page 18-19) and really enjoy playing around with paint, collage and pencils to create fun images. I am a Yorkshire girl born and bred and I’m currently trying to perfect the steak and ale pie!” Contact Becky at

First cocktail:
“It’s hard to remember my first cocktail, I suspect it would have been one of my mum’s New Years Eve Champagne Cocktails or a yummy Margarita – one of my favourites!”

Nick Schon, Cartoonist

Nick Schon

Nick was an award winning art director at Saatchi and Saatchi for many years, illustrating children’s books on the side. Then he started doing it more seriously with the Biff, Chip and Kipper books used in most schools. “According to Amazon I’ve done 470, but it’s less than that I think. I love cartooning too, and cocktails, so it seems reasonable to combine the two. Nowadays I do some teaching when I’m not illustrating in my studio near St. Albans.” Nick created the wonderful ‘shaken, stirred, centrifuged or spherifcated?’ cartoon to illustrate our Classic vs Experimental cocktails feature on page 32. You can find Nick at

First cocktail:
“The year was 1973 and I was at the London College of Printing. We had just finished our first year and decided to celebrate in style. Someone had some Southern Comfort, gin and vodka so obviously we mixed them all together with some OJ in a bucket. I got several Slow Comfortable Sctrews inside me before the world started behaving very strangely indeed. Sadly I’ve never been able to bear even the smell of Southern Comfort since.”

Lauryn Tomlinson, columnist

Lauryn is The Cocktail Girl and takes her role very seriously indeed. You’ll find her perfecting this particular skill in various bars around London. For this issue she checks out dessert-inspired cocktails at Golden Bee, one of which she describes as ‘being French-kissed by a boozy chocolate angel’. You can contact Lauryn via

First cocktail:
“I can’t really remember my first cocktail but I’m willing to bet it was a badly made Sex on the Beach in a grotty bar in or around Old Street. Fortunately, my taste has progressed a lot since then.”

Alfred Tong, author

Alfred Tong

Alfred Tong is a writer and author from London. His book, The Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails includes everything you need to know about making and ordering drinks, with top tips on how to get exactly what you want at the bar, see page 12.  He studied at the London College of Fashion and has lived in America and Hong Kong.

First cocktail:
“My first cocktail was a non alcoholic Pina Coloda at Covent Garden’s Peppermint Park for my 6th or 7th birthday, which to give my parents’ their due, was one of London’s most fashionable restaurants at the time. It was festooned with umbrellas and bits of garnish so that you could barely find the straw. Peppermint Park was also famous for its ice cream sundaes. So that plus sugary cocktails meant that me and my friends went bat shit crazy around this chi-chi restaurant. We were such a bunch of spoiled little hooligans! Not much has changed.”

Travis Watson, videographer

Travis Watson

Travis is our go-to video guy. He’s young, passionate and incredibly talented and we’re working with him as much as we can before he’s too busy and way too expensive for us! As well as music videos for up-and-coming acts, promotional films for fashion companies and all of our World Class footage, Travis has just completed his first short film which he is entering in competitions. Watch this space. Contact him at

First cocktail:
“A Morgan’s and coke – I loved the woody flavour. In fact, it’s still my favourite drink now.”


Picture of The Cocktail Lovers

The Cocktail Lovers

The Cocktail Lovers are Mr G and Ms S, a man and a woman who share a passion for cocktails. (We also happen to be married, so we’re cocktail lovers in more ways than one…)


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