Biting into the Big Apple: what’s inside issue 19 of The Cocktail Lovers magazine

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Photography: Shannon Sturgis for The Cocktail Lovers magazine

Bronx, Manhattan, Red Hook, Brooklyn – we’re talking cocktails, not neighbourhoods and any city which has inspired so many drinks (and counting) is fine with us. That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve dedicated this issue to New York and its bars. The other is that you can’t be a serious cocktail lover without having it on your must-visit list.

So where will you be drinking when you get there? Forget the guide books, they may be good for where to stay and what to see but they don’t really cut it on the bars front. If you want to know the real places to go and why, you need to get your tips from the top.

Which is where this issue comes in. We’ve spoken to New York’s finest, we’re talking the likes of Dale DeGroff and Julie Reiner, Sean Muldoon and Pamela Wiznitzer, Naren Young and Dev Johnson, and asked them for their definitive drinking spots. Find out where you should be heading as well as taking their tips for getting the most from your New York bar experience.

Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero, photographed by Shannon Sturgis for The Cocktail Lovers magazine

Drinks historian David Wondrich settles comfortably In the hotseat and tells us about the past and present of drinking in New York, while another drinks legend, Audrey Saunders, reveals how she almost became the second woman to head up the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Products Born in the USA, together with tasting notes. Photography: Addie Chinn for The Cocktail Lovers magazine

Speaking of phenomenal women, we headed over to New York to photograph some of its most prominent females as part of our continuing Leading Ladies of Drinks series (see Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero, above). And of course, it would have been plain foolish of us not to sample some ace cocktails in a few bars – some familiar, some new discoveries – while we were there.

The good old British pub gets a look in, too. Giuseppe González and Leo Robitschek tell us how in Take Two New York Bars. That just leaves the drinks. Raise your glasses to our pick of the best products Born in the USA highlighting their tasting notes, photographed by Addie Chinn.

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