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The Cocktail Lovers look at drinks, books, fashion and home style

Nail Polishes for Cocktail Lovers

  We’re loving the whole boozy-coloured thing going on in fashion this season. And these cocktail-inspired nail polishes from O.P.I. complement the theme just perfectly…

Hawksmoor At Home

Book Review We’ve got to admit to having an almost unhealthy obsession for cookery books. And don’t get us started on anything to do with

Lamb’s Spiced Rum

In A Nutshell A blend of choice golden Caribbean rums infused with natural spices TCL RATING:

Dressing for the cocktail hour

Ms S loves a good frock. Particularly when she’s getting spruced up for some five-star hotel bar action. With its mix of 1940s and 1950s-inspired

Iceberg Vodka

Canadian vodka made with pure Arctic ice water from the polar region.

Ocho Tequila

Product review In a nutshell Tip-top single estate 100% blue agave bearing the first ever tequila vintage TCL RATING

The Kraken

In a nutshell Imported Caribbean rum aimed at the masses, brought to life with exotic spices and clever packaging. TCL RATING


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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine 45 Cover
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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine 45 Cover
The Cocktail Lovers Magazine 45 Cover

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