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Celebrate National Daiquiri Day at… the Connaught Bar

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Have you ever witnessed Agostino Perrone making a drink? It’s like watching an artist painting a picture but in liquid form. Every stroke, every detail is carefully orchestrated for its overall effect – not just for the magic it brings to the glass but for the customer experience as well.

He’s a five-star act so its only fitting that he should head up one of London’s finest bars – the super stylish Connaught bar at the Connaught hotel. Design-wise it suits Perrone down to a T, it’s smart, grown up and effortlessly charming – think Art Deco inna David Collins Studio stylee.

Under Perrone’s watchful eye, the drinks are equally amazing. Whether served from the bar or at your table, courtesy of the beautiful bespoke Martini trolley, boy oh boy are you in for a treat. For National Daiquiri Day, check out the Daiquiri, or for something in the same vein, as Ago himself recommends, give his award-winning Mulata Daisy a whirl. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed…

What’s your definition of the Daiquiri?

A Daiquiri is an elegant drink with a sharp feel.

What does the taste conjure up to you?

The first sip of a Daiquiri always conjures up holiday memories and just a few sips usually leads to planning my next trip!

When did you first taste one and what was it like?

I think it was at my first bartending course and my teacher was one of the most respected bartenders in Italy so he could deliver the heritage of the drink through an incredibly well mixed cocktail.

How do you like yours?

The Hemingway Daiquiri! Vibrant rum  with the sharpness of the pink grapefruit juice and the aromatics of maraschino, very little caster sugar – shaken with crushed and chuck ice; served extremely cold in a frozen glass.

Why do you think it’s such a classic?

It is an iconic drink, when you say the word ‘cocktail’, you imagine two drinks – either a Martini with an olive or a classic photo of a great party in Cuba during the prohibition era where all the guests were sipping from a coupe cocktail glass containing a Daiquiri.

Where would you most like to enjoy one?

The Daiquiri is an everyday cocktail, any place and any occasion are a good excuse for a generous sip!

Tell us about the Daiquiri you’ll be serving for National Daiquiri Day?

It has to be my signature Mulata Daisy!

50ml Rum
20ml fresh lime juice
2 spoons caster sugar
2 spoons fennel seeds
10ml dark crème de cacao
10ml Galliano Liqueur
dark cocoa rim powder
Muddle the fennel seeds in a shaker, add the juice and sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Pour the rum, the  crème the cacao and shake it with ice cubes. Prepare the glass by wetting the edge with lime and make a dark cacao powder rim. Add Galliano into the glass and strain the shaken cocktail.

How does Bacardí 44.5% Heritage elevate the taste and depth of your Daiquiri?

The vivacity of the rum is enhanced by the aromas of the fennel seeds, balanced by the lime and sugar. Galliano gives a final bouquet of fragrances and the dark cocoa rim highlights the chocolaty note of the rum and it gives a dry elegant perfumed finish on the palate.

Why should our readers raise their glasses to National Daiquiri Day in your bar?

Come and see for yourself and let me know!

Connaught Bar, The Connaught, Carlos Place, London, W1K 2AL. T: 020 7499 7070.


Tomorrow: Celebrate National Daiquiri Day at… Duck and Waffle

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