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Episode 10, Season 2: rethinking whisky – whisky special

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In this, our last episode in the current season, we’re focusing on the wonderful world of whisky. Talk about a diverse category – if you still think that it’s all about old men sitting by the fire with a glass of single malt in hand, (a) shame on you and (b) prepare to be amazed.

The Cocktail Lovers podcast, Episode 10, Season 2 – listen here!

Starting with the myriad cool new products… We had a difficult time narrowing it down to just two super-cool modern whiskies to highlight in this episode but in the end we’ve picked out the gorgeous Red, Red Rye from The Oxford Artisan Distillery (aka TOAD), and Woven Whisky, a beautiful fresh-thinking blend conceived and created in Leith.

It was a no-brainer for us to revisit Black Rock for our bar review. This brand, both in London and more recently Shanghai, have got the whisky drinking experience perfectly pitched for newbies and hardcore whisky fans alike. As has whisky expert Nicholas Morgan who offers all kinds of invaluable insights into this fascinating spirit in his fabulous and aptly named book ‘Everything You Need To Know About Whisky (But Are Too Afraid To Ask’).

There’s more top-notch advice from our wonderful guest Becky Paskin. Here she talks to us about choosing, appreciating and drinking whisky and why she thinks that making the spirit more inclusive has seen it finally come of age.

What we’re mixing:

Whisky Mac

45ml blended Scotch (we used Chivas 12)
30ml Stone’s Original Ginger Wine
Crystallised or slice of stem ginger to garnish

Stir ingredients over ice, either in a mixing glass or directly in an Old-Fashioned glass/tumbler. Garnish with crystallised or stem ginger on a cocktail stick.

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The Cocktail Lovers theme music is by Travis ‘T-Bone’ Watson

Talking whisky with the wonderful Becky Paskin

This week’s special guest, Becky Paskin

From the library…

What we’re tasting…

Where we’ve been…

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