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Go with the Flo: talking about the Jägermeister Hubertus Circle Road Trip with Florian Beuren

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Florian Beuren ticks all the boxes for what makes the perfect Jägermeister UK Brand Ambassador. He’s German, which is a bonus seeing as the brand is also from that part of the world but that’s just gravy. What gives Herr B the edge is his all-round skills behind the bar, not to mention his invaluable connections. Taking in everything from classic bartending in hotels in Germany to mastering the arts of free pouring in London, there’s also the little matter of the numerous awards and accolades he’s notched up for his impressive flairing techniques (check YouTube and see for yourself). In short, Florian blends old school style and modern moves in equal parts – the ingredients he himself believes makes the ideal bartender

Here he talks about the versatility of Jägermeister, gives his informed views on the Hubertus Circle and why he can’t wait for the upcoming Hubertus Circle Road Trip. Get ready people of Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol – Jägermeister cocktails are go!


Guten tag Florian, let’s start with you telling us about your earliest memories of Jägermeister?

Being German, Jägermeister was always around when I was growing up – in fact, my grandmother used to have a shot of it when my grandfather invited neighbours over. The first time I tried it, I remember thinking that it was very unique, very special compared to any other alcohol. My first memory of the taste is of a tingling, warming sensation in the belly which comes from the herbal flavours.

Florian at the bar

Please share three things people may not know about Jägermeister

  1. The first thing is the versatility of the product. Some people think of it as a shot or a ‘bomb’ – they don’t understand that you can mix with it. Even if you don’t think you like the flavour, mixing it in cocktails can tease out the botanicals to enhance other ingredients. I always compare Jägermeister to vodka in the way that it has so many layers of flavour.
  1. Secondly, a lot of people still don’t know that Jägermeister is from Germany and is a fifth generation, family-owned company. I think that’s maybe because it’s such a big, powerful product, now available in over 129 countries around the world and people assume it must be a massive corporation. It’s not. And that’s what makes Jägermeister incredibly special and makes me so proud to work for the brand.
  1. The third for me is, Jägermeister is a really cool product. People think of it as a party drink but it can be so much more sophisticated than that. You can take it in any direction and it works. Use it in cocktails like a Sour or Negroni or add lemonade and enjoy it instead of a Pimm’s. It also goes well with food – I make a salami with it and cupcakes where I have add some Jägermeister in a pipetted then squeeze it directly into the cake – it’s delicious!. You can also make sausages, marinades, barbecue sauces, all kinds of things with it  – which leads us back to point number one!

Tell us about the Hubertus Circle?

The first one started in Germany in 2011 and the UK was second, launching our Hubertus Circle in 2013. There are now 15 worldwide including the US, Switzerland, Austria and the Nordics and while the countries are different, the premise of the Hubertus Circle is the same: to cherish the spirit of Jägermeister as a bartending family in a non-competitive organisation.

For me, it’s a very special program because it’s all about the bartender – we follow them wherever they go; if they leave the bar, we go with them but obviously, we always have a good relationship with the bars as well. It’s like a brotherhood where we organise get togethers, workshops and international guest shifts, we also call on the bartender’s expertise at festivals and events, so essentially, it’s a platform for the bartenders to showcase themselves and Jägermeister as a premium product. Which is why the quality of bartenders we have on board is key.

Each year we try to grow ourselves and the aim is to have a Hubertus Circle member in each UK city. We’ve done some great stuff over the past two years and now we want to do even more.

You started the Hubertus Circle Road Trips last year, what was the rationale behind the week-long event?

The Road Trips are very unique, they’re not just bar takeovers – there has to be a theme behind them and the important thing is, it’s the Hubertus Circle bartender who decides what that theme is – not the bar manager or Jägermeister, it’s their choice and we support them. We’ve changed the Road Trip a bit this year, stripping everything back and making the nights much more focused on the drinks and atmosphere. And we’re purposely concentrating on bars outside London, zoning in on the wealth of talent outside the M25. Other than that, the idea behind the the Road Trip is the same as it intends to go on: as a really cool platform for people to come and see and experience the versatility of the product.

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming Hubertus Circle Road Trip?

The cocktails, bartenders, music and atmosphere at each Road Trip – they’re all going to be amazing. We’re starting at St. Jude’s in Glasgow, where our Hubertus Circle member is making Jägermeister cocktails using Scottish ingredients. We then go to Jake’s Bar in Leeds for an Into The Woods theme, featuring greenery, pinecones, herbs and spices and Jäger drinks to match. Next it’s Mojo in Manchester for a really cool industry night. On the menu? Classic cocktails with a Jägermeister twist – there will also be a live band. At Salt Dog Slim’s in Liverpool they’re going for an Oktoberfest theme complete with a live oompah band. We finish the Road Trip in Bristol at Her Majesty’s Secret Service where they’ll be bringing the outdoors inside for a not-to-be-missed picnic. As well as great cocktails, each venue will also be focusing on really cool music.

I’m really looking forward to travelling from Scotland to Bristol and seeing all of the great talent that we have outside London – they’re going to be great.

Check out the Jägermeister Hubertus Circle Road Trip when it calls into a city near you and check out The Cocktail Lovers social media channels for updates.

Tuesday May 16th

Calling at Saint Jude’s,
190 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HG
See you there!

Wednesday May 17th

Calling at Jake’s Bar,
29 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT
See you there!

Thursday May 18th

Calling at MOJO,
59 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BQ
See you there!

Friday May 19th

Calling at Salt Dog Slim’s,
79 Seel Street, Liverpool L1 4BB
See you there!

Saturday May 20th

Calling at HMSS, BRISTOL
Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Whiteladies Gate, Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2PH
See you there!
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