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We’re self-isolating. Not that we’re hypochondriacs or being overly dramatic or anything but after our most recent trip, we’ve been told to hole up in cocktail towers. Whether we show any symptoms of Covid-19 or not.

We don’t as it happens. But if like us, you’re advised to stay at home regardless, wtf is going to happen to the hospitality industry? 

Our solution? When you can’t get out to enjoy your cocktails, get them to come to you. Responsibly of course. That means making sure that whoever is delivering your ‘care package’ knows that you’re self-isolating so they can make the necessary arrangements. Public service out of the way, on to the crucial stuff. What can you do to quench your thirst and keep the bar business flourishing?

If you’re in London, Liquorette should defo be on your radar. From the no-contact zone of your sofa you can order your cocktails, just as you would a bar. Their website is easy to navigate and cleverly thought out, covering all the bases from Classics such as the Old Fashioned, Negroni, Bloody Mary and Strawberry Daiquiri. through to The Specials, house made cocktails with a twist. In this section, you can take your pick from the likes of Rhubarb & Custard (Victory Pink Gin, Victory Bitter, rhubarb, lemon, apple and milk), and Max & Belle (Chivas 12, rhubarb, Cocchi Rosa, rose and cardamon orgeat and orange bitters).

But if you fancy jooshing things up a bit, you can still have fun from your isolation zone. Head to the Create Your Own section and get the Liquorette team to tailor-make something for you. Choose your style of drink (Bubble & Booze, Juicy or Boozy), then your spirit of choice (including brand), before making your selection from everything from citrus to sweetener. Your cocktail is then made, packaged, sealed and delivered to your door in under an hour, complete with ice and garnish. All drinks serve two and come in at around the £20 mark. Fabulous!

The bottled Mirror Margarita from Hacha

Hacha is another London bar to have on speed dial. The award-winning Mirror Margarita created by owner and luxury tequila ambassador Deano Moncrieffe is now available to takeaway – hurrah! While they’re currently in talks with Deliveroo and Ubereats for deliveries, you can order a 50cl bottle (enough for four servings) from the bar and for an additional charge, they’ll organise a courier.

It’s well worth asking your favourite bar if they’ll do something similar – we’re pretty sure in the current climate they’ll happily oblige. If not, keep your cocktail cravings at bay by heading to the Master of Malt website for an extensive range of excellent bottled cocktails including classics such as Sacred Negroni from the Sacred Spirits Company, The Vieux Carré Cocktail by The Handmade Cocktail Company and Mac & Wild Islay Manhattan. The website also has an ample selection of twists on classics like Mr Lyan’s Bonfire Old Fashioned, Liquid Intellect Banana Bread Manhattan and Aske Stephenson Flat White Russian, plus an array of drinks for the adventurous including Mr Lyan’s Rainy Day Spritz, Aske Stephenson Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri and Mac & Wild Dundee Sour, inspired by a Dundee fruit cake. If you’re in the UK, your delivery should be with you in the next day.

For those self-isolating in Amsterdam, check out the delivery service from Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, available from

And if you can get out to bars and restaurants – please do. They need you.

If your bar is offering delivery services – wherever you are in the world, please let us know and we’ll post details here.

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The Cocktail Lovers

The Cocktail Lovers are Mr G and Ms S, a man and a woman who share a passion for cocktails. (We also happen to be married, so we’re cocktail lovers in more ways than one…)


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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49
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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49
The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49

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