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For the global bar community being in isolation doesn’t have to mean being isolated

It’s an extremely difficult time for people all around the world and for those involved in the hospitality industry it’s also a challenging one. The spread of the Coronavirus has forced bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs in countless countries to close their doors.

And the people who are the lifeblood of this usually vibrant industry find themselves parted from their work and in turn from the community they love.

Jameson Irish Whiskey though is determined to continue the spirit of community it’s always shared with bars and bar people as it opens the doors to Jameson Hosts Online – a very special virtual space.

Jameson Hosts Online – a place for the bar community now

Jameson has always believed in supporting the global bar community by connecting them to each other to drive new ideas and opportunities. Now more than ever, in these uncertain times, this community needs a place to meet, which helps them to stay strong and to look to a brighter future. This is exactly what Jameson Hosts Online is all about.

This new digital space is where the bar community can come together to connect, learn and share. It’s where they can get wellbeing support, enhance their technical knowledge and collaborate.

No matter what level of expertise, background or geographical location, each and every member of the global bar community is welcome to join Jameson Hosts Online. Moreover they can benefit from the comfort of their own home through exclusive video content created and shared by exceptional hosts from around the world.

Jameson Hosts Online

Oisin, Johan, Ania, Milo and Carl – the first Jameson Hosts

Meet the Jameson Hosts

Jameson Hosts Online gets underway by welcoming some very special names from the global bartending community. These are the people who have been there and done it.

They’ll be sharing online videos designed to educate and inspire the bar community including cocktail masterclasses, wellbeing sessions, career coaching and whiskey tutorials. They’ll also be offering advice on how to adapt to the current challenges and be better equipped for the future when businesses begin to reopen.

Amongst those already ready lined up to talk about a diverse range of subjects are:

  • Jens Dahlberg and Niklas Sewen (TAK Rooftop, Stockholm) Waste Management 101
  • Oisin Davis (Great Irish Beverages, Dublin) Cooking with Jameson
  • Johan Evers (A bar called Gemma, Stockholm) Flexibility = Adaptability
  • Ania Kulak (Bortenfor, Oslo) ReMind – Finding Balance Inside
  • Will Meara (Bingo Loco & Anti-Social, Dublin) Pivoting your business and cutting down screen time
  • Milo Occhipinti (Unseen Bar, Milan) Doing Nothing is Doing Everything
  • Patrick Pistolesi (Drink Kong, Rome) Follow your instinct, follow the flavour
  • Remy Savage (Le Syndicat, Paris) Bar Savage
  • Scotchman (Chef, Paris) Scotchman Jameson Crêpes – The Recipe!
  • Odd Strandbakken (Himkok, Oslo) Raising your Garnish Game
  • Hampus Thunholm (Stockholm) Bye Bye Citrus, Hello Whey!
  • Federico Tomasselli (The Jerry Thomas Project, Rome) Bar Management Masterclass
  • Carl Wiman (Himkok, Oslo) Cocktails From The Kitchen

Welcome from the Jameson Hosts

How to join Jameson Hosts Online

Whatever your role in the bar community there’s going to be something for you. And joining Jameson Hosts Online couldn’t be easier. Simply head to Instagram: @jamesonhosts

Jameson Hosts Festival – a place for the bar community in the future

While James Hosts Online is key for the present, planning is already well underway for the future. Jameson Hosts will shortly be sharing details of a very special live event in the spring of 2021. This is when an extensive global bar community including bartenders, bar owners, brewers, floor staff and more will be invited to a three day festival at Midleton Distillery, the home of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Like Jameson Hosts Online the festival will invite attendees to host workshops where they will be able to share knowledge and expertise with fellow participants and inspire new ideas among the bar community.

And there will be the opportunity to immerse themselves in the production of Jameson Irish Whiskey with exclusive access to the Old Midleton Distillery and Blending Lab at Midleton. 

Join the Jameson Hosts Online today

But for now the global bartending community can look forward to being hosted at Jameson Hosts Online and also look forward to an inspirational future.

To join Jameson Hosts Online members of the bar community should visit Instagram: @jamesonhosts

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