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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine – Issue 38

The Art Issue

It’s all about art in issue 38 of The Cocktail Lovers magazine

Cocktails. Some people just see a drink in glass, we see complete works of art. Like an artist, bartenders use their shaker or tin as a palette to mix their ingredients, and like artists, their canvas is the glass. And let’s not forget the artistry that goes into balancing flavour, colour and aroma, or the inventive ways they bring their creations to life.

This issue celebrates all of those things and a whole lot more. We start by talking to five bartenders who trained in the arts before answering the call of the bar, and head to East London where Remy Savage brings a philosophical perspective to his latest project – a series of carefully conceived venues inspired by entire art movements.

It’s over to Norway next to find out how Paul Aguilar Voza and Maroš Dzurus from Himkok in Oslo have used art in the ether to create a world’s first with their latest drinks menu. But it’s not just about new tech; we doff our caps and highlight some of the most clever and creative menus from the past few years.

What else? There’s glassware to make your drinks ‘pop’; a look at some of the amazing collaborations with drinks brands and famous artists and bars with art at the forefront of their interiors. John Collingwood talks about the art business he started up during lockdown and we showcase a gallery of show-stopping serves. Virginie Boulenger, art programme curator at studio be-poles is In The Hotseat sharing details of the outstanding art programme she and the team have brought together at NoMad London and telling us why art and hospitality make the perfect mix.

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