The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 47



The Cocktail Lovers Magazine – Issue 47

Welcome to The Tailor-Made Issue – shining a light on the people, products and places creating unique experiences in the cocktail world.

What’s inside? In a word, plenty – all of it focused on the very best drinking experiences. Cocktails & couture looks at how 13 unique cocktails inspired an entire catwalk collection. Fix up, look sharp, explores the bars injecting fun and functionality into their team’s uniforms. While the Flavours of fashion twists up your drinks using natural ingredients usually found in fabric.

Our photo feature, Best dressed bottles, is where we celebrate beautiful vessels specially tailored to showcase the unique spirits within. And we talk to Franz-Arthur MacElhone about his great-grand father’s iconic establishment Harry’s New York bar, which started life in NYC before being dismantled, shipped across the Atlantic and reassembled in Paris.

We also drop into two new bars. The first, Viajante87 in London’s Notting Hill, is a celebration of cultures, ingredients and experiences across the world, while the second, Cinquanta Spirito Italiano, reimagines the aperitivo bar in Italy’s Pagani. Plus, we invite you to drink like a local at the very best bars in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

And there’s more where that came from, all in the Winter issue – out now!

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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 47

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