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A new mid-proof citrus cachaca that captures the spirit of Brazil


What They Say

“I wanted to create a product and brand that was accessible and refreshing that could capture the energy and excitement of Brazil. Salto’s uniquely refreshing flavour and mid-proof strength will appeal to a whole range of consumers.”

What We Say

Summer in a glass. It’s zesty, it’s spirited and the best bit is, this particular cachaca is light on the alcohol and big on taste. Like its cousin the mojito, in a caiprinha it’s the perfect drink to sip by the pool or barbie.

Ms S

We had a preview tasting of Salto in three exotic Carnival Coloured cocktails created by Fabrizio at Rocket, Lancashire Court, W1 (see recipes below). At home, tasting it neat was a pleasant surprise, it was smooth, sweet and delightfully citrussy – great for sipping over ice. Next we mixed it up in The Brazilian, one of the cocktails featured on the Salto website, annoyingly none of which come with measurements or instructions. No matter, we styled it out with 50ml of cachaca, 25ml of fresh lime juice and a splash of good quality, not too fizzy lemonade. The verdict? A nice and subtle alcoholic lemonade. The subdued taste makes it a good choice to serve to anyone daunted by big tasting spirits or if you’re starting your drinking early in the day (not clever we know but let’s face it, it happens.) Next up, Brazil’s finest export since coffee: the caipirinha. We advise cutting back on the lime as Salto has its own citrus and unless you have a really sweet tooth, go sparingly on the sugar, too. This one is less powerful than your average caipirinha but none the worse for it.

Mr G

This makes a nice addition to the summer drinks store cupboard. Though very much on the sweet side it has a decent enough alcoholic kick making it a good ingredient to play around with. Mixed with lime juice and old style lemonade it’s light and refreshing with just a hint of alcohol. It has pool-side written all over it – just strong enough to feel enjoyable but gentle enough to drink all day. When we moved on the caipirinha it really came into its own. Make sure you don’t overdo the sugar (try starting with just a little and add more if you need to) and you’ll find this makes a very drinkable caipirinha – ideal for a very hot day as an alternative to some stronger long cocktails. But definitely try experimenting with lots of different fruit juices and fresh fruit. We think you could make some pleasing discoveries.

Fun Fact

The Carnival Coloured Cocktails were officially launched in London at the Rio Carnival fundraising evening in aid of the charity ‘Bringing Research To Life’ in March this year to coincide with the Brazilian Carnival.




Basic Caipirinha













50ml Cachaca
4-5 lime wedges
2 teaspoons sugar














Muddle the sugar and lime wedges together in an old-fashioned glass until the sugar is dissolved and the lime juice is released. Fill the glass with ice and pour in the cachaca.

Samba de la Salto

Salto de la Samba

50ml Salto cachaca
10ml Blue curacao
10ml Lime juice
25ml Passion fruit puree
10ml Passion syrup
Garnish, slice of passion fruit

Shake over cubed ice, pour into short glass and garnish with passion fruit

Citrus Rainbow

50ml Salto cachaca
20 ml Crème de apricot
15ml Napoleon Mandarine
75ml orange juice
Garnish, slice of orange

Shake over cubed ice, pour into martini glass. Top up with crushed ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

Brazilian Flower

Brazilian Flower

50ml Salto cachaca
20ml St. Germain
10ml Elderflower liqueur
10ml lime juice
Top up with 20ml fragoli
Garnish, slice of lemon
Two raspberries

Shake over cubed ice, pour into short glass top up with crushed ice and garnish with lemon and raspberries.



The Details:

24% ABV. 70cl bottle £10.95 from and other online retailers
More details from

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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 44
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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 44
The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 44

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