The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49



Monthly Round-ups

Detox, what detox?

January Round-Up:   Unlike the rest of the world, we didn’t even pretend to detox this month. Hey, life’s too short not to enjoy, right?

Happy Birthday Mr G

December Round-up: We blame the fact that Mr G was celebrating a very significant birthday as to why we embraced The Cocktail Lovers theme with such gusto. Even

Tea (and a bit of tease)

November Round-up: November always brings with it an array of liquid pleasures, particularly on Ms S’s birthday. This month we did burlesque at Proud Cabaret, tea at Bourne

Autumn Pleasures

October Round-Up We don’t care if the temperature’s dipping, it gives us even more reasons to warm up with some wonderful drinks. This month we’ve been

From home to Harrods, TCL style

September Round-Up The trouble with this whole cocktail loving malarkey is it takes up all of our time. Which is no bad thing but we occasionally

Reasons To Be Cheerful

August Round-Up We were pretty pleased with ourselves this month. Nothing new about that you might think but this time the feeling was justified. You know

Bustin’ Out In June

June Round-Up Phew, what a scorcher June turned out to be, both in terms of the freakishly good weather and the number of quality drinking

Cocktails to D.I.Y for

April Round-Up Who was it who said too much knowledge is a dangerous thing? What the hell were they thinking of? We’re never happier than when

Spiritual enlightment TCL style

February Round-Up What did The Cocktail Lovers do in February? We got up close and personal with Dan Warner at Molton House, Callooh Callay got

New Year, new experiences

January Round-Up January’s a pretty depressing month unless, like us, you’ve got a few cocktail-tastic tricks up your sleeve. Mr G had the time of

Party time at Cocktail Towers

December Round-up Any excuse for a party is fine with us. And the fact that Mr G was celebrating a birthday and Christmas was in


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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49
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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49
The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49

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