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Margaritas rimmed with Mexican cactus sea salt, handcrafted
grapefruit liqueur in your champagne cocktail or maybe smoky
lapsang syrup as the secret ingredient in your next mixology
creation. Welcome to the World of Zing.

You may not have heard the name but there’s a very good chance you’ve already sampled some of its flavours. After all, the company have been supplying the finest exotic ingredients to Indian
restaurants across the UK since 1968, from old-school Brick Lane curry houses to contemporary favourites like Dishoom and the Michelin-starred Quilon and Benares. Now they’re making these ingredients and a lot more equally enticing flavours available beyond restaurants. Which is extremely good news for cocktail fans, whether you’re mixing it up in your bars or experimenting at home.

World of Zing describes itself as ‘the UK’s first contemporary food and drink emporium’. Moreover, it’s brought together some of the UK’s most exciting flavour experts including chefs, street foodies and mixologists, working to create an inspiring range of produce and ingredients to add a little ‘zing’ to cocktails and cooking.

Pritesh Mody, a third generation member of the family business, is the brains behind the operation. His aim being to make it the first
retail environment that connects the eating habits of the
adventurous foodie community with equally adventurous produce.

Wander around the East London HQ and your senses are in for a treat; expect exotic aromas, unusual flavours and the kind of
packaging you won’t be finding at your high street supermarket.

Ingredients you're not likely to find on the supermarket shelf
Ingredients you’re not likely to find on the supermarket shelf

Salts, syrups, liqueurs and a new kind of tonic

Like a Margarita? Of course you do. Then may we point you towards the flavoured sea salts. Eleven, yes eleven, flavours including
coconut and lime, sage and juniper, rose petal, seaweed and mexican cactus.

If you want something a little different to sweeten up your cocktails there’s a range of flavours curtesy of Syrup Junkie. Choose from eight including Earl Grey, cinnamon, chilli and smokey lapsing – all handmade using natural ingredients.

If that sweet tooth needs an even bigger hit then Jallab Syrup is the answer. Made from carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water, this staple of Middle Eastern cuisine makes for a very original
non-alcoholic refreshment when mixed with iced water, raisins and pine nuts.

Moving to Korea another new experience lurks in a bottle of Chamisul Classic Soju. Made by distilling rice, barley, sweet
potatoes, tapioca and sugar cane, then filtering with charcoals made from bamboo. Drink it neat, chilled in a shot glass or paired with food.  As for cocktails, mix it with tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple.  Or simply lengthen it with a little beer.

Limoncello fans looking for new sensations should check out
Stellacello Pompelmo Grapefruit Liqueur. A twist on traditional limoncello, this one is handcrafted in East London using traditional Italian recipes passed down through three generations,  but with grapefruit giving the liqueur a sharper and drier flavour. Mix it with chilled Prosecco or use as an alternative to orange and lemon liqueurs in cocktails.

Bermondsey Tonic Water and Stellacello Pompelmo Grapefruit Liqueur
Bermondsey Tonic Water and Stellacello Pompelmo Grapefruit Liqueur

BTW, aka Bermondsey Tonic Water is a totally new take on the drinks cabinet staple. Based on a Victorian recipe it’s made by
soaking cinchona bark in pure water to naturally release the quinine (the ingredient that gives tonic water its distinctive flavour) then mixed with sugar and citric acid.  The undiluted syrup is left part
filtered to be combined with soda water and ready to take your
classic G & T in a totally new direction.

Aged and batched cocktails

If mixing up your own drinks sounds a little too much like hard work you’re also in luck. Thanks to a collaboration with award-winning mixologist Thomas Aske of Fluid Movement fame you can get your hands on small-batch cocktails made especially for World of Zing. Not only are they convenient, they’re also deliciously different.

The Demijohn Conditioned Rum Punch is exceptionally smooth thanks to the glass conditioning and use of mallic acid in place of lemons and limes. The Steel-Aged Manhattan has a light mineral quality and the Ultra-dry Vodka Martini perfectly balances Snow Queen with the tannins of the Zing Bone Dry Tincture (see top of the page). We particularly like the Bordeaux Barrel-Aged Negroni with its nice round finish thanks to ageing in the classic region wine cask.

Thomas Aske of Fluid Movement prepares batched cocktails
Thomas Aske of Fluid Movement prepares batched cocktails

Get yourselves a little Zing

World of Zing HQ is currently only open by appointment (tweet @WorldofZing for details) but there are plans afoot to take the whole gorgeous experience to all points of the London compass.
Details coming soon.

Luckily though the website is up and running for your delectation. Moreover mention the magic words ‘Zing Launch’ before 6th
September when you place your order and you’ll get 15% off your order (except on alcoholic products).

What are you waiting for?

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