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The World’s 50 Best Bars 51-100…

ByThe Cocktail Lovers


Ta-da! The results are in.

• The 51-100 list includes bars from 34 cities across 26 countries
• There are 28 new entries on the list, with 13 from Europe
• USA leads the list with seven bars across four cities
• UK leads Europe with five bars of a total of 21 from 10 countries
• China and Singapore lead Asia with three bars of 13 across seven countries
• South America is represented by three bars from three countries
• Two new entries come from India
• Africa sees its first-ever bar from Kenya make the list51 Locale Firenze – Florence, Italy

52. Bar Trigona – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

53. Alquímico – Cartagena, Colombia

54. Double Chicken Please – New York, USA

55. Lyaness – London, UK

56. Byrdi – Melbourne, Australia

57. Swift – London, UK

58. Bulgari Bar – Dubai, UAE

59. Penicillin – Hong Kong, China

60. Employees Only – New York, USA

61. Kumiko – Chicago, USA

62. Tropic City – Bangkok, Thailand

63. Sago House – Singapore

64. The Court – Rome, Italy

65. Tesouro by Firefly – Goa, India

66. Thunderbolt – Los Angeles, USA

67. Red Frog – Lisbon, Portugal

68. Dead End Paradise – Beirut, Lebanon

69. Danico – Paris, France

70. Hero Bar – Nairobi, Kenya

71. 28 HongKong Street – Singapore

72. Argo – Hong Kong, China

73. Satan’s Whiskers – London, UK

74. Barro Negro – Athens, Greece

75. Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen – Cape Town, South Africa

76. The Bellwood – Tokyo, Japan

77. A Bar with Shapes for A Name – London, UK

78. A Bar Called Gemma – Stockholm, Sweden

79. Himkok – Oslo, Norway

80. Side Hustle – London, UK

81. Barbary Coast – Singapore

82. L’Antiquario – Naples, Italy

83. Buck & Breck – Berlin, Germany

84. 1862 Dry Bar – Madrid, Spain

85. Cera & Bruno Vanzan – Milan, Italy

86. Art of Duplicity – Cape Town, South Africa

87. Tan Tan Noodle Bar – São Paulo, Brazil

88. Carnaval – Lima, Peru

89. Sweet Liberty – Miami, USA

90. BKK Social Club – Bangkok, Thailand

91. AHA Saloon – Taipei, Taiwan

92. The Cambridge Public House – Paris, France

93. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails – Amsterdam, Netherlands

94. Hope & Sesame – Guangzhou, China

95. Hoots’ – New Delhi, India

96. Fréquence – Paris, France

97. Tales & Spirits – Amsterdam, Netherlands

98. Savas Bar – Madrid, Spain

99. Death & Co – Los Angeles, USA

100. Leyenda – New York, USA

Top 50 announced on 7th December.

The Cocktail Lovers

The Cocktail Lovers

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