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The World’s 50 Best Bars List 2019

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Is there a bar team out there that doesn’t want to be on the World’s Best Bars list? When you consider how many great talents are out there, making it on to the top 100 is a massive achievement, never mind getting reaching the dizzy heights of the top 50.

This year’s list was more dramatic than most. Yes, yes, New York and London still battled it out for the top spot, with New York coming up trumps this time with Dante sitting proudly at number one. London’s Connaught Bar came in at a none too shabby number two. But look at the rest of the top 10: there’s Floreria Atlantico from Buenos Aires at number three, The Clumsies from Athens sitting tight at number six, Atlas from Singapore at number eight, The Old Man from Hong Kong at number nine and Licorería Limantour from Mexico City at number 10.

Talk about exciting – the top 50 was peppered with plenty of new entries – 17 to be exact, including 15 making their debut, and two, Jerry Thomas Project in Rome and Artesian in London, making a welcome reappearance. Elsewhere Asia and Latin American bars featured highly on the list.

Other highlights include special awards that went to Monica Berg from Tayer + Elementary in London who picked up the coveted Altos Bartenders’ Bartender award; Drink Kong in Rome for the Campari One To Watch; Charles Schumann for his well-deserved Nikka Industry Icon; Native in Singapore for the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award and London’s American Bar for Asahi Legend of the Year.

As for the rest of the list: check it out below and make it your mission to visit as many of them as possible before the voting begins again.

Happy imbibing!

The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019

Dante  New York  USA 
Connaught Bar  London  UK 
Florería Atlántico  Buenos Aires  Argentina 
The NoMad  New York  USA 
American Bar  London  UK 
The Clumsies  Athens  Greece 
Attaboy  New York  USA 
Atlas  Singapore  Singapore 
The Old Man  Hong Kong  China 
10  Licorería Limantour  Mexico City  Mexico 
11  Manhattan  Singapore  Singapore 
12  Native  2 Singapore  Singapore 
13  Carnaval  Lima  Peru 
14  Katana Kitten  New York  USA 
15  Guilhotina  São Paulo  Brazil 
16  Three Sheets  London  UK 
17  Himkok  Oslo  Norway 
18  High Five  Tokyo  Japan 
19 Salmón Gurú  Madrid  Spain 
20  Paradiso  Barcelona  Spain 
21  Indulge Experimental Bistro  Taipei  Taiwan 
22  The Dead Rabbit  New York  USA 
23  Coupette  London  UK 
24  The SG Club  Tokyo  Japan 
25  Dr. Stravinsky  Barcelona  Spain 
26  Employees Only  New York  USA 
27  El Copitas  St Petersburg  Russia 
28  Scout  London  UK 
29  Jigger & Pony  Singapore  Singapore 
30  Operation Dagger  Singapore  Singapore 
31  Baba Au Rum  Athens  Greece 
32  La Factoría  Old San Juan  Puerto Rico 
33  Presidente  Buenos Aires  Argentina 
34  Schumann’s  Munich  Germany 
35  Speak Low  Shanghai  China 
36  Little Red Door  Paris  France 
37  Linje Tio  Stockholm  Sweden 
38  The Old Man  Singapore  Singapore 
39  Lyaness  London  UK 
40  Happiness Forgets  London  UK 
41  Swift  London  UK 
42  Trick Dog  San Francisco  USA 
43  Maybe Sammy  Sydney  Australia 
44  1930  Milan  Italy 
45  Sober Company  Shanghai  China 
46  Electric Bing Sutt  Beirut  Lebanon 
47  Kwant  London  UK 
48  Artesian  London  UK 
49  Coa  Hong Kong  China 
50  Jerry Thomas Speakeasy  Rome  Italy 


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