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Win a £20,000 grant for your creative vision with Cointreau Creative Crew – entry opens today!

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Things we love: drinks brands who dare to do things differently. Take Cointreau for instance. Don’t let the bottle fool you into thinking its shape has anything to do with the personality of the company; distinguished it may be but ‘square’ it most definitely is not.

The Cointreau Creative Crew is a case in point. Spearheaded by Cointreau Creative Director, model-turned-actress and humanitarian Laetitia Casta, it’s a global philanthropist programme set up to celebrate and nurture creative thinking. Sounds impressive doesn’t it but wait, it gets even better… The most inspiring project, be it music, fashion, art or food related – it could even that funky little bar you’ve always dreamed of – will be awarded a tidy £20,000 to get it off the ground. Bet that made you sit up and take notice. If ever there was a time to dream, dare and create, this is it.

“I was inspired to create the Cointreau Creative Crew in order to give the next generation of women an opportunity to bring to life their creative passions,” Casta said at the launch in London late last year. That said, the initiative is not exclusively aimed at women. Although given the fact that Louisa Cointreau, wife of the brand’s founder Edouard Cointreau was something of a women’s rights pioneer, much like Casta herself, it’s fair to say that females are very much in focus. For Casta and the brand.

“When we approached Laetitia to work with us she was adamant that if she was to come onboard, it would be for a creative process,” says Eleonore Moreau, Marketing Director, Rémy Cointreau UK. “It was important for her to build a genuine relationship, not just about making personal appearances. This is an ambitious project and the possibilities for it are endless. We’re all very excited.”

And so should you be if you have a creative project you’d like to get off the ground – dare to make your dream a reality. Entry is open from today, Wednesday 24th February to Friday 15th April and we urge you to give it a shot.


To enter, tap into #DreamDareCreate #Cointreau #creativecrew

The rules:

To enter you must be over 25 and reside in the UK. The Cointreau Creative Crew Grant Scheme Grand Finale will then take place on the 24th May 2016 in Central London, when the Grand Jury, made up of Cointreau’s Creative Director Laetitia  Casta,  Rémy Cointreau’s CEO Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet, UNESCO Artist for Peace Guila Clara Kessous, Liberty of London’s Managing Director Ed Burstell and Jo Elvin, Editor of Glamour UK magazine will meet with the ten finalists in person, before crowning the winner of the £20,000 Grant  Scheme.

The criteria

Dream big
How ambitious, avant-garde and authentic are you?
Unleash and reveal your creativity, open your mind to inspiration and sensations, nourish your imagination.

Dare to believe in yourself
How innovative and driven are you?
Think beyond your own boundaries, unchain yourself from constraints in order to transcend them.

Create to realise your goal
Make your dream come true and prove to the world that anything is possible.

What are you waiting for? Go to and get one step closer to achieving your dream







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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine 45 Cover
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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine 45 Cover
The Cocktail Lovers Magazine 45 Cover

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