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Jager Road Trip: Loves Company, London

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As far as themes for a German liqueur goes, the Black Forest is a pretty cool one don’t you think? It certainly worked to close the last in the five-day Jägermeister Road Trip. It started in Hummingbird, Glasgow and ended at Loves Company in London with stops in Nottingham, Reading and Southampton in between. Sure the week-long event was about having fun but more importantly, its purpose was to showcase the talents of the Hubertus Circle members and their fresh takes on Jägermeister and its versatility in cocktails.

Our third and final stop: Loves Company, London

We’ve got to admit, we’ve been impressed. Particularly with the drinks on offer last night. Ranging from a flirty Mojito-style number to something rich, dark and contemplative, there was a concoction on the six-strong menu to please a variety of palates. That was down to Hubertus Circle members Steven Dick and Nash Mandhar who were at the controls, shaking, stirring and smoking six specially created cocktails for the excitable London crowd.

“When I first started drinking Jägermeister, it was the liquid in a shot glass,” admits Nash. “But as bartenders we’ve left that behind and are developing new creative ways of using it in cocktails.” Such as his Mastering Chocolate, a delicious take on those Chocolate Oranges devoured at Christmas-time, only this one can be drunk all year round. And Stephen’s Smoke in the Woods, where Jägermeister, Monkey Shoulder Scotch and Cocchi di Torino get the hickory smoke treatment.

There were lighter, fruitier drinks too, including the Spicy Apple Strudel, a very agreeable riff on everyone’s guilty pleasure, the Mojito; the Purple Stag, bursting with berry goodness, and the Berry Dark Julep, a liquid version of an amble in the Black Forest with its lush cherries macerated in Jägermeister Spice. “You’ve got to look at Jägermeister differently to the way most people see it,” says Steven, one of the longest serving Hubertus Circle members. “You can use it as a base or substitute it out as a bitter. Take the classic Negroni for example: leave out the Campari and use Jägermeister instead – the result is a completely different but amazingly balanced drink.”
Try it and see for yourself.


On the menu:

Purple Stag
(Jägermeister, Chambord, blackcurrant marmalade, fresh lemon juice, strawberry, mango, agave), berry-licious, sweeter styled drink for those who like their cocktails on the fruity side.

Mastering Chocolate
(Jägermeister, creme de cacao, Bruichladdich single malt whisky, orange bitters, orange twist) think Chocolate Orange in liquid form – good for after dinner or as an evening sipper.

Jager Lady
(Jägermeister, Aqua Bendita, fresh lime juice, fresh pineapple, Lillet Blanc), the pineapple gives this one a touch of the exotic – works well for summer and early evening.

Smoke in the Woods
(Jägermeister, Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Cocchi di Torino, bitters, orange twist and hickory smoke), something heavier and delicious for those who like their cocktails with a kick. Good for Manhattan fans.

Spicy Apple Strudel
(Jägermeister Spice, cinnamon syrup, fresh lime, mint, cloudy apple juice, soda), watch out, this one goes down a little too well – a very moreish Jager twist on a Mojito,

Berry Dark Julep
(Jägermeister Spice, Cherry Herring, Amarone Black, Jägermeister macerated  cherry, basil, cinnamon), what says Black Forest more than chocolate and cherries? Here the cherry notes dominate and the basil works a treat to bring the chocolate flavour out. Surprising but true.


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The Cocktail Lovers Magazine Issue 49
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